Things my daughter says

My daughter is now nearly two and a half years old. She has grown and changed tremendously, both physically and mentally. Her play is more organized, directed, and less haphazard. She often puts things away before starting new things. Her attention span is longer now.

One of the things that I am most amazed about is her speech. She says the most wonderful things, some things that melt my heart, other things that show (to me at least) a depth of thinking process.

My favorite things she says are:
“I love you so much, Daddy!”
“You’re the best Daddy in the world!”
“You are so brave, Daddy. You should be king.”
“You can do I, Daddy! I know you can!”

But enough about me. She makes conversation. When we were talking about Florida with someone who just honeymooned there, she piped up, “I want to go to Florida! We can blast off in a rocketship at the Space Center! We’d have to wear our helmets though…”

She makes observations. “I hear many birds. They are whistling in the trees. I can’t see them though. But I hear them.”

Recently she wanted to lay down on the living room floor. “Let’s lay down and look up at the stars, Daddy!”

Building blocks, she said “We have to stabilize the tower here. Like this…”

And finally, in answer to my question about whether her new shoes are too small, “No, Daddy. They are OK. I like them. I want to keep wearing them.” She not only answered my question, but also what was behind my question. She also made known how she felt.


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